Lisa Scott’s Top 10 Things I’ve Learned in 10 Years of Divorce Wars

  1. Parents don’t read statutes to learn how to be parents.
  2. When threatened with losing their children, people get very vicious. Think Marlon Perkins’ wildlife films of animals protecting their young. 
  3. A man who yells at his wife is not automatically a domestic violence abuser. A woman who has an affair is not necessarily an unfit mother.
  4. Parents are rarely as bad as they can be portrayed on paper by their spouse’s attorney.
  5. If parents knew they would spend $50,000+ each in a custody battle they might just cooperate on a parenting plan, and they MIGHT reconsider divorce.
  6. Children almost always want to see their parents get back together. The next best thing is to see them being nice to each other.
  7. Blood is thicker than water. Families almost always back their own in custody battles. The ensuing family-wide bitterness never fully goes away.
  8. Divorce lowers your standard of living. No one gets a financial free-ride from his/her spouse.
  9. Children love and need both parents. A Child Support Check is not a substitute for a parent. Ask any child.
  10. When the legal case is over, the attorneys, the judges, the guardians and the mediators go away. All that’s left are a father, a mother, and their children, who must live with what has been done to them.