What Is Family Law? Definition and Examples

Family law is the legal discipline that focuses on matters involving family relationships, such as separation, child custody, and alimony.

How to Defend Yourself Against False Accusations

If falsely accused, it’s crucial to know what to do. By following the right approach, you can increase your chances of clearing your name.

9 Family Law Digital Marketing Ideas

To boost your online visibility, here are ideas for family law digital marketing. They’ll produce a surge in online and phone enquiries.

Why Shared Parenting is Important for Children

People place caveats and conditions on when 50/50 custody is appropriate. Instead, we should to try to make shared parenting the default.

Bias in the Custody System

Men sometimes don’t stand a chance against family court biases. I remember clearly the first meeting I had with an attorney after my ex told me she wanted a divorce.…